1:   63% of downloads will be done by searching the App Store

    Our App Store Optimization services (ASO) to push the app in the search results and increase downloads

    Due to the immense flood of new apps every day it is becoming increasingly difficult in the App Store to be visible. App Store Optimization is therefore one of the important screws to the success of the app. The presence in the store is the goal of all marketing activities (advertising, search, social media) and is the first contact with the user. In order to ensure that this first contact can be executed successfully, we offer to optimize the entire app appearance and thus increase the find ability in the search and in the app category, the conversion to download as well as the ratings.


    • Increase and broaden the visibility in the search results
    • Analysis of keywords, competitors, category and market as well as comprehensive on-page optimization
    • More and more organic downloads rating