• About Us

    Oriented cross-channel and Lifetime Value - Pioneers of App Marketing
    We are innovators for app strategy app marketing since 2013. Our services aim to increase the visibility from the app to optimize sales and to achieve the best positioning for the App success. We provide assistance in every area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife cycles of the app. We use many different channels to the best monetization of the app and the greatest Lifetime Value accessible by users.

    Tailored marketing strategies App
    We have worked with all project and app sizes. We are aware of and specialize in the different approaches. We also have no budget restrictions (e.g. no minimum budget). Whether Special Interest Niche App with correspondingly more target group-specific PR and Social Media Marketing or Broad Interests Game App with ranking guarantee - we find the right marketing strategy.

    International oriented with strong team
    We are also strongly active in the U.S. and UK in the app marketing and founded the Hong Kong subsidiary in 2014. The management in Hong Kong consists of internationally experienced and leading online and mobile marketing specialists to ensure the success of the app campaigns to ensure 100%. Each app promotion is assigned a specific account manager, with advice for effective and permanent accessibility.

    Full-service agency & Full-Cycle Marketing
    We support you as a full service agency for all app marketing requirements. For optimal distribution and diversification, we work with the biggest traffic partners to provide the best installs and user for the respective filter out apps - for global reach and optimal conversion.